Master the art of copying the high achiever trader on Pocket Option

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Social trading or Copy trading is one of the innovative ways via which you can earn money. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader you can start making passive money via Pocket Option copy trading via this you can copy high achiever traders and make big bucks even while you are sleeping. In this article, I will show you How to make good money with  Copy trading Pocket Option and How to find good traders on the Pocket Option trading platform. & more.


What is Pocket Option Copy Trading?

Copy trading is one of the unique ways of trading in the Pocket Option trading platform. via this, you can copy highly profitable traders irrespective of your trading experience. You can always copy a high achiever trader and make a profit or loss accordingly. Copy trading looks very easy but is a bit complicated as If you don’t find a good trader, you might end up losing your hard-earned money.


 Getting Started with Pocket Option Social Trading


First of all,  Login to your Pocket Option account. In case you don’t have one click here. It is to be noted that, In order to copy trades you need to make a deposit, you can’t copy trades on a Pocket Option demo account. If you sign up via our link you will get a 50% welcome bonus. Once you have signed up you will land on the trading dashboard.


Pocket Option Copy trading


Now, click on the social trading option from the left hand side of the page.


Pocket Option Copy trading


Here, you will see the list of good traders.


Pocket Option Copy trading

How to Find the Best traders to copy on Pocket Option


Finding a good trader is the most important skill that you need to understand else you might end up losing money. In order to find the best traders you need to click on the top-ranked traders from the menu at the top of the page.



The best way to identify a good trader is by checking his status. You should always try to find an intermediate or an experienced level trader and check his profit percentage. I always try to copy a trader whose profit percentage is at least 60%.


How to find good traders on Pocket Option

How to Copy High Achiever Traders on Pocket Option

Once you found a good trader. It’s now time to copy his trades. In order to copy a trader click on “copy”.


How to copy trade on Pocket Option


Now, you will be redirected to the copy settings page. You can adjust the copy proportion, stop loss & more. once you are done. Click the confirm button and you will start copying his trades automatically.


How to copy trade on Pocket Option

 Stop copying non-profitable traders

The trader you selected may not be making a very good profit or If you have found a better trader. You can always stop copying their trades. To stop copying their trades click on the paper button.


How to stop copying


Next, click stop copying.


How to stop copying


The High Fee Traders



It is always desirable to go with the most profitable traders. However, Traders who have a good record of profit and especially, If they are the top-ranked traders by Pocket Option. They are usually going to charge you a big fee for allowing you to copy their trades. No doubt, those traders are very profitable and you can surely copy them If you have a big budget but If you are just getting started or If you have a small budget then you should consider an intermediate trader.

Pocket Option Social Trading Advantages and Disadvantages

Pocket option Social Trading is the best way I believe to make money via trading right now. The only skill you need to focus on is how you can find a good trader. I personally believe you should go with a very good rating trader they might charge a bit higher commission but you are most probably going to stay on the safe side.


Given below are the pros or the advantages of Pocket Option Copy Trading

Minimum Effort

You can start making money with Pocket Option Copy Trading without any experience and skills. It requires minimum effort you just need to focus on how you can find a good trader and start copying them.

Learning Opportunities

Social Trading allows less experienced traders to not only copy their trades but follow the trading strategies and actions of a professional trader. By following and copying their trading strategies traders can improve their trading skills and understand the financial market.

Time Saver

Copy Trading can save your valuable time as you don’t need to trade by yourself or conduct any in-depth market research and analysis. Once you have found a good trader you can just sleep and keep receiving money in your bank account.

Disadvantages of Social Trading

Pocket Option Social Trading also has some disadvantages. Given below is the list of disadvantages


Whether you are trading by yourself or you just copying a trader. Trading will stay always risky. No one can give you hundred per cent results. For Instance, In a volatile market, even a skilled trader may face difficulties and may face a big loss.

Lack of control

In Social Trading once you start copying the trades of traders. You will have zero control. If the copied trader bear the loss you will also have to face the undesirable results.

Require Big Budget

Usually, a trader with a low budget is going to face big difficulties in Social Trading. As they can’t copy a highly profitable trader and as a result, they have to copy an intermediate trader which can result in a big loss.

My Take

If you are a beginner or you want make to more profit via trading. Pocket Option social trading is just made for you. The only point you need to focus on is the selection of a good trader and once you have found a good trader you should continue your trading with them.  The best thing you can do is sign up for a new Pocket Option account and you will get a $50 bonus welcome bonus. and start practising the social trading on Pocket Option with a small amount and go big once you start making big bucks.

I wish you the very best of luck!!





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