Simple SMA indicator strategy that you can easily use on Pocket Option

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What is a Simple Moving Average (SMA)?

A simple moving average is one of the types of moving average. A Simple moving average is an arithmetic calculation achieved after adding the closing price for the selected period divided by the number of candles.

There are two types of simple moving average short term average and long term average where the short term average responds quickly to changes in the price of the underlying security while the long term average reacts slowly.

The formula for the simple moving average can be

SMA = C1 +C2 …Cn / N

Where Cn = The price of an asset at a period n

n = the number of total periods.

The calculation of a simple moving average is very easy. Suppose you want to find the SMA of the last ten candles. now, what will do is just add the closing price of the last ten candles and then divide it by ten. In past the traders had to calculate the SMA on their own and then put the same in the chart however luckily, In the Pocket Option, you don’t need to apply any mathematics as the calculation work is already done by Pocket Option software.

How to add SMA indicator on Pocket Option chart

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Pocket Option account. just enter your email, and password and click login. next click on the indicator box and search for moving average.

Now, click on the pencil icon and change the period to 14.

Similarly, select one more moving average from the menu and change the time period to 30.

Also, change the colour of the line by clicking on the styles icon.

How to open trades using SMA indicator on Olymp Trade?

Trading with the SMA indicator is very easy. Your main focus should be on the intersection of two SMA lines. when they intersect each other it creates buy and sell signals.

Line 14 is a short time average that reacts quicker to price changes while line 28 reacts slower to price changes. When line 14 intersects line 28 from the bottom it is a signal of a bullish trend and here we can place a buy trade similarly when line 28 intersects line 14 from the top it is a signal of a bearish trend.

Given above is a USD/ JPY chart, and we can clearly see that line 14 intersects line 28 from the bottom and later line 14 stays above in a bullish uptrend it is a signal of a bullish trend and here we can place a buy trade.

Similarly, given above is a USD/ JPY chart and we can see that line 14 intersects line 28 from the top but stay below line 28 and it is a signal of a bearish trend and here, we can place a sell trade here.

So, this is how you trade with a simple moving average. Trading with a simple moving average isn’t any rocket science the concept is very easy you just need to practice this strategy on the Pocket Option demo account and once you practised enough shift to the Pocket Option real account. Till then I wish you a happy trading and best of luck.




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