Here’s how I verified my Pocket Option account – Step by Step Guide

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Are you ready to explore the exciting world of trading with Pocket Option? Before you can fully unleash the Pocket Option trading platform you need to first verify your trading account.

I have already said in my previous articles that Pocket Option is very strict regarding account verification and they want you to verify your account before you can make any deposit or withdrawal.

In this blog, I will cover the complete Pocket option verification process including the most frequently asked questions such as How long does Pocket Option verification take, Pocket Option selfie verification, Pocket Option address verification.


Pocket Option Verification Process: How to Verify Pocket Option Account?


I can divide the Pocket Option verification process into 7 steps. The verification process may also differ based on your account status or the deposit amount. However, In general, given below are the complete Pocket Option Verification Process that need you need to go through.


1. Registration: Firstly, you need to create a new Pocket Option account. In case, you don’t have one click here.

2. Update Personal Information: Once, you have signed up you need to update your personal information. Just click on the profile section and enter your personal details such as Email address, Residential address, Date of birth and more. Make sure to enter the residential address exactly as same as in your Government ID.

3. Email verification: Next, Enter your legit Email address. Make sure to enter your personal email address and not your company-associated one.

4. Identity verification: You will need to confirm your identity before you can make any deposit. Just click on the profile section and upload a Government ID matching the Pocket Option verification policies.

5. Address verification: In order to verify your address you need to upload a bank statement or a utility bill for the last 6 months.

6. Selfie verification: You may need to go through a selfie verification especially If you are going to withdraw a large amount of money. To complete the selfie verification, upload a selfie while holding your document with your signature on a piece of paper.

7. Verification review: Once you have submitted all the necessary documents to the Pocket Option trading platform the company will verify your application. If all your documents are accurate the company will approve your application within seven business days.


How long does Pocket option verification take?


Pocket Option verification usually takes around one day to seven business days. There are several factors that can impact the verification process some of the most common ones are


Holidays: If you have submitted your application during the Christmas holidays or any other particular holiday you may face a delay and as a result, the verification can lead to a longer processing time.


Volume: Similarly, Submitting your application during the peak periods such as January or the start of the year can also lead to a traditional delay in the processing of your application.


Constant error: If you have submitted your application after a continuous amount of errors without properly rectifying the mistakes. The company might process your application late and as a result, you may face a delay.


Pocket Option selfie verification: The most challenging Verification process


Pocket Option selfie verification


One of the most challenging verification processes I have ever faced was Pocket Option selfie verification and I got the most questions regarding the same.

Trust me my Pocket Option selfie verification was rejected three to four times. I even went to a professional photographer so that he could assist me in Pocket Option selfie verification.  Below I pointed out some errors that you need to avoid during the verification process.


High-resolution photo: Use a good camera or a good cell phone camera with at least 32 megapixels and ask someone to click a high-resolution photo of you holding your government ID with the current date and plus your signature written on a sheet of paper.


Avoid using filters: The reason my documents were getting rejected was because I was using the filters. Make sure that you are not using any filter from the third-party camera apps also disable the optimise scene from your camera setting make sure to upload a raw photo of you.


Be patient and follow customer support guides: If you follow the steps below your selfie verification is most likely to get accepted However, Still If it gets rejected don’t panic or be aggressive just follow the customer support guide and rectify the errors accordingly make sure to read the following mistakes properly highlighted by the trading platform.


Pocket Option Address Verification


Pocket Option Address Verification


Lastly, Talking about the Pocket Option address verification It is an essential process doesn’t matter whether you are drawing a big sum of money or a small one you need to go through Pocket Option Address Verification. Given below is the list of documents you can upload as address verification

  • Bank Statement: The easiest way to verify your address is by uploading your bank statement. Just go to your banking app and download the statement make sure to upload at least the last 6 months’ bank statement.


  • Utility Bills: You can upload utility bills including Electricity Bills, Water Bills and more for the last 6 months.


  • Insurance Bills: You can even upload your Insurance bills for the last six months showing your current residential address.


How to verify email on the Pocket Option platform?


How to verify email on the Pocket Option platform?


Once you have logged in to your Pocket Option trading platform next, click on the profile icon from the trading dashboard next, click on verify email address and the trading platform will send a confirmation email to your mail box just click the link and you are done.


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