Everything you need to know about Pocket Option OTC ( Over the Counter )

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Pocket Option is one of the most popular trading platforms that offers a wide range of assets and commodities. This trading platform has gained a lot of attention from traders worldwide mainly because of its unique features and tools. One such feature that has attracted a lot of traders is the OTC (Over the Counter) feature.


What is  OTC (Over the Counter)?

OTC Stands for over-the-counter is a trading arrangement conducted directly between two parties without the oversight of an exchange.

This trading arrangement was designed for the smaller securities which cannot meet the market capitalisation requirements. Here, you can also find the companies that cannot keep their stock above a certain price per share or may be dealing with bankruptcy.

If you are a trader who loves to trade with big stock exchange companies or securities you can also find them here. You can easily find big securities like GDP / USD OTC, AUD/USD OTC & more.



1>  Trading hours: Unlike the traditional markets that operate on fixed schedules, You can trade in the OTC market 24/7. This allows traders to trade and engage with the market at any time that suits them, You can even trade here after the business hours or during the weekends.

2> Access to global markets: As I said above, the OTC market is available 24/7 and you can even access small securities. Just because some securities are small does not always mean they won’t be profitable you can surely find some hidden gems which can help attain big profits.

3> High volatility: As the OTC market is available 24/7 it can result in the same being more volatile and can present the traders with both high risk and opportunities.


How to find and set Pocket Option OTC Chart



To find and set the OTC chart on Pocket Option follow the steps below

1> Login to your Pocket Option account. In case you don’t have one click here

2> Once you have logged in you will land on the trading dashboard.

3> Click on the chart from the top of the page and search for the OTC term in the search bar.


Pocket Option Otc Strategy: How to Copy Pocket option OTC Signals



Pocket Option is one of the best trading platforms and they offer numerous unique trading features and one of them is Pocket Option OTC Signals.

You can easily find and copy those signals by just logging to your trading dashboard and clicking on the signals button at right-hand top of the page. Here, you will see the list of trading signals generated by the Pocket Option trading platform finally just click copy signal whichever you want to copy and wait for the results.


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