Easiest Awesome Oscillator strategy at Pocket Option for profitable trades

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Awesome Oscillator is the third indicator that you will see in the Pocket Option indicator list. This is one of the best indicators However, In this article, I will make this indicator super-strong via you can get very strong buy and sell signals.

How to configure the Awesome Oscillator at Pocket Option

Here, to illustrate this indicator I am going to use the Pocket Option. In case, you don’t have a Pocket Option account click here. Once you have signed up. log in to your Pocket Option account. now, click on the indicator button and select the name of the indicator.

Next, Click on moving average twice.

Now, you need to edit the moving average to do so click on the pencil icon.

Lastly, change the SMA period to 5 & 35. You can also change the colour and darken the line for better visibility.

How to trade using SMA and Awesome Oscillator

Trading with this indicator is really easy. You just need to understand How Awesome Oscillator works and then check the SMA for trend confirmation.

Talking about, How does Awesome Oscillator works,  look at the indicator above you can clearly see the red and green spikes above and below line 0. This line is called histogram and It fluctuates from green to red to represent the fluctuations in the market. If you see a big green spike it signals a bullish trend similarly, If you see a big red spike It signals a bearish trend.

Now, talking about the SMA, When the SMA line 5 intersect the SMA 35 from the bottom and later the SMA line 5 is above the SMA 35 it signals a bullish trend. Similarly, When the SMA line 5 intersects the SMA 35 from top and later the SMA 5 is below the SMA 35 it signals a bearish trend.

Buy with Green Spikes

Given above is a USD / JPY chart. We can clearly notice the big green spikes above line 0. plus the SMA 5 intersects the SMA 35 from the bottom with later SMA 5 is above the SMA 35. So, It signals a bullish trend and here we can make a buy trade.

Sell with Red Spikes

Similarly, Given above we can see big red spikes below line 0. with SMA 5 intersecting SMA 35 from the top and later the SMA 5 is below the SMA 35. It signals a bearish trend and we can place a sell trade.

So, this is the end of this article. by now you must have understood the basic concepts of Awesome Oscillator and how to trade via the same. the best thing you can do is practice the same in the Pocket Option demo account and do comment below experience.





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